Northeast Florida’s most advanced home inspection solution

HouseScan Inspections is one of the largest & highest rated home inspection companies in Jacksonville and greater Northeast Florida. We’ve made it our mission to create the ultimate home inspection experience by solving many of the problems that’ve plagued the home inspection industry for years. Our easy online scheduler allows you to schedule your inspection in minutes. Our incredibly thorough inspections go far above and beyond the industry accepted minimum standards of practice. Every home inspection comes with a complimentary whole-house infrared scan, wind-mitigation report, and a 4-point inspection, the first offering of it’s kind in Northeast Florida. Lastly, our team will inspect your home as if it were their own, and our incredibly easy-to-read reports will be returned by early the next morning. We look forward to providing you with unmatched value, unrivaled service, and peace of mind.

Jumping into standalone insurance inspections to offer more

The homeowner’s insurance industry in Florida has seen great challenges over the past few years with skyrocketing insurance premiums caused by natural disasters, record amounts of insurance fraud, inflation, and dozens of insurance carriers leaving the state. Many homeowners have found themselves either being dropped by their current homeowner’s insurance carrier or shopping to find more competitive rates. With most insurance carriers now requiring additional inspections from 3rd party inspection companies when writing new policies, we’ve seen a large increase in demand for these services. While we’ve stayed out of these services for years mainly due to logistical challenges, we finally decided to fully jump in and create the “Ultimate Insurance Inspection Experience” in early 2022. With a slew of improvements to provide a better overall experience, we’re excited to deliver more value to homeowners and insurance agents with the rollout of these services!

Consistently, one of the highest rated inspection companies in Northeast Florida…